Jacksonville, Florida: The feelings and emotions of being a father could be described in a million ways in a million different words and phrases. For Seth Movsovitz, fatherhood has not only been an honor and a privilege, but a bond and kinship with his fellow fathers as well.
Out of that camaraderie, DadFrat was born! DadFrat is a brand and line of products, created with an intent to remind one another of the great pride and responsibility a dad has in the care, guidance, and love for our great generations to come!
From the time Seth first jokingly remarked, “Welcome to the fraternity of dads!”, a quote that has become his calling card as he greets friends and family members on their new adventure and journey in parenthood, he began to work on his idea. His initial combination of the greek letters, Delta Alpha Delta, made decent traction, and if the time and effort had been available to him then, perhaps this release would be dated 15 years prior! None the less, the wheels were in motion.
Fast forward 15 years and timing couldn’t be better. As women become more empowered in today’s workplace, the father’s role in the modern family has changed dramatically.
Fathers in the United States
10000 %
of fathers consider being a dad the best job in the world.
Single fathers in the United States
0 %
of Americans think an absent father in the household is the most important problem facing American families

When a friend announced that he was about to become a father for the first time, Seth Movsovitz slapped him on the back and said, “Welcome to the fraternity.”

It was a small joke between friends – one already a dad, the other a dad-to-be.

But the Ponte Vedra resident wanted to do more than offer a congratulatory comment. He wanted to get his friend a gift, something that would help commemorate the moment. There were gifts for new moms. There were even gifts for newborns.

What Movsovitz discovered, however, was that there wasn’t much for new dads.



Introducing DadFrat Custom for Your Fraternity, Sorority or Organization!